Who are we?

Do you have doubts regarding merchant accounts?
Are you planning to start a website for your business involving online sales? Do you have an online store in the pipeline but you have no idea how to set it up? If doubts galore are shadowing your aspirations, we recommend you check us out before your dreams fizzle out.
We will be your guiding light:
We have realized in course of setting up our website that there are people with immense amount of potential but who do not know how to maximize the returns on them. We are targeting such individuals and groups who know that they can make it but the lack of adequate information and guidance mars the prospects of their shining.
Mentoring you is our passion:
If you are thinking what we will get out of mentoring you in the long run, let us tell you that we derive immense amount of satisfaction in mentoring and seeing you rise. We are looking at long term prospects of having more individuals climbing up the social ladder than waiting in queues of welfare scheme benefits doled out by the authorities.
Who are the members?
The members of this organization are people with a vision. They are all part timers and they come from various fields and are all established professionals in varied fields such as social service, law, politics and psychiatry. They are pursuing this project as a passion to bring likeminded individuals to the forefront so that they can also join the endeavor to take it forward from there.
We are looking for volunteers:
So you have the passion in you to influence people? So you think you have the empathy to be able to bring the best out of people to be able to make a difference to the society that we all live in. Each one of us has this responsibility on us to be able to mentor at least one family or even one person in their lifetime. This because it is not what we receive but what we give that makes us what we are.